Profiling our members

The largest polymer manufacturer in the Americas, and largest biopolymer producer in the world, Braskem is one of Latin America’s most recent additions to a burgeoning life cycle community. But although Braskem only joined the Life Cycle Initiative as a direct sponsor this year, the company has been investing in life cycle approaches for much longer, showing a real interest in the impacts borne by the full, entire life cycle of its products.

The company says this is “the correct way to take decisions” now. So much so that Braskem advocates for life cycle thinking capacity building in Brazilian policy circles, as well as using its own valuable life cycle experience to boost the Life Cycle Initiative’s offering of LCA case studies as we move into our fourth phase of activities in the period 2017-2022.

Back in Brazil, Braskem has already been quick to engage with networks that promote the uptake of life cycle thinking and LCA.

“We have been supporting the implementation of the Rede Empresarial Brasileira de ACV (Brazilian Business Network on LCA) – it aims to engage more and more companies in this movement,” says Braskem.

The company makes no secret of its desire to innovate and improve its products continuously, with a focus on sustainability and avoiding the “burden shifting” which life cycle practitioners work so hard to avoid. In this respect, Braskem has its eye on several key issues: among them life cycle inventories, sustainability labels and especially analyses which will help it to reduce and avoid greenhouse gas emissions as part of a more sustainable portfolio.

As we enter 2018 and beyond, the Life Cycle Initiative welcomes Braskem’s participation and support, and looks forward to the expertise, experiences and stimulating discussions which this Brazilian innovator brings to the life cycle community. Bem-vindo Braskem.

Visit the Braskem homepage for more information.

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