Life Cycle Networks

Developing and building LCA networks worldwide to further develop tools, improve the knowledge and application of life cycle approaches, is one of the focus areas of the Life Cycle Initiative.

Live Cycle Initiative: Today we have over 600 members and funders, consisting of Governments, Businesses, Science and Civil Society organisations, as well as individual LCA Practitioners and other stakeholders, worldwide. Our network of technical experts with whom we collaborate during our projects is also growing.

See the tabbed lists below to access networks in various world regions. If we are missing a network, please let us know.

Find the links to these networks, where available, on the additional tabs.

Blue: Regional LCA NetworksGreen: National LCA NetworksOrange: Other LCA Networks

Regional Networks

Regional networks are independent, but supported by the Life Cycle Initiative. For more information on how to become involved in a regional network, please contact the Network of your choice below:

European Networks

Asia Pacific

  • LCA Agrifood Asia Network

Latin America Networks

European Networks

North America

Latin America and Caribbean

Asia Pacific

Together with One Planet Network and GO4SDGs we have engaged the following SCP Science Partners in the regions:

The first year of the Science Partners is focusing on using the SCP Hotspot Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT) to identify impactful hotspots for SCP interventions for governments. The Science Partners have showcased SCP-HAT at key regional events and provided presentations on the tool to the key partners in their region, including in Africa to the South African government, and in Latin America and the Caribbean to the annual life cycle conference. In Asia-Pacific and LAC, the Science Partners have integrated the SCP-HAT into institutions’ student programmes, including at the master’s level. In all regions, we are currently working with the institutions to identify countries for direct SCP-HAT assessment support in 2023. For more information click here.

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