News from our Life Cycle Networks

On 9-10 October, New Delhi hosted the 2017 Indian Conference on Life Cycle Management (ICLM 2017). Now in its sixth edition, this year’s conference gathered over 90 delegates to focus on the added value of life cycle knowledge to the Sustainable Development Goals. The event also addressed challenges specific to India. The conference hosted two high-level panel discussions on using life cycle knowledge for creating circular economy advantage and realizing national resource efficiency strategies. The Life Cycle Initiative participated virtually, with the Secretariat presenting the Initiative’s new strategy for this new phase of activities (2017-2022).

ILCM 2017 was followed by a knowledge-sharing event on ‘Sustainability as Corporate Strategy’. This was for corporate EHS managers to discuss contemporary world class research on environmental sustainability and how it has become an integral part of corporate and business strategy. This is one of a series of events organized by FICCI until May 2018 with support from Ecoinvent under the Sustainable Recycling project for LCA Capacity Building in India.

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