Governance Structure

The Life Cycle Initiative is a partnership of institutional members from three broad constituencies (government, business, science and civil society), also allowing for individual members from science and civil society. The membership is represented in an assembly, where members elect their representatives to the Steering Committee and are informed of the progress of the Initiative. The Steering Committee makes the necessary decisions to deliver the mandate of the Initiative, allocates resources and endorses programme implementation. Programmes are led by co-chairs appointed by the Steering Committee, and are responsible for delivering the work of the Initiative – regularly reviewed by ad hoc committees. Finally, a Secretariat hosted by UN Environment Programme coordinates the different bodies and is in charge of internal and external communications.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee elections were carried out online during  October 5-10, 2023. Consult the full results of the 2023 elections for more information.

The current composition of the Steering Committee is listed below.

2023-2024 Steering Committee

GovernmentBusinessScience/Civil Society/Individuals
NSTDA - Government of Thailand (Asia-Pacific)The HUB EPD of Latin America (Latin America and Caribbean)Nasser Ayoub - Egypt (Africa)
European Commission – DG Environment (Europe)Unilever (Europe)CIRAIG (North America)
United States – Department Energy (DOE) (North America)Talent Upgrade Global Concept (Africa)RED IBEROAMERICANA DE CICLO DE VIDA (Ibero-American Life Cycle Network) (Latin America and Caribbean)