Sustainable Consumption and Production Hotspot Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT)

The Sustainable Consumption and Production Hotspot Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT), is an online application that analyses the environmental and socio-economic performance of 171 countries over the past 25 years to provide scientific evidence of areas where improvement can be made.

The tool builds on a powerful national footprint calculator that combines environmental and socio-economic data with trade information. It allows the tracing of environmental pressures and impacts along the supply chain of the goods and services consumed within a given country, an essential dimension of our globalized economy.

Three modules are available to users:

  • MODULE 1: COUNTRY PROFILE – For policy makers, NGOs and the general public.
    Provides the key information regarding the country’s environmental performance, in the context of the most relevant policy questions.
  • MODULE 2: SCP HOTSPOTS – For policy advisors and researchers with expertise.
    Provides a wide range of SCP indicators to analyse hotspots of unsustainable consumption and production at country and sector levels.
  • MODULE 3: NATIONAL DATA SYSTEM – For technical experts such as statisticians.
    Provides the option of inserting national data to receive more tailored results.

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