Annual Progress Reports

Life Cycle Initiative Progress Report 2022

2022 was a monumental year, marking the 50th anniversary of UNEP and the 20th anniversary of the Life Cycle Initiative. Life-cycle thinking as an approach to inform decisions, received unprecedented attention in the global policy arena, as reflected in the UNEA 5.2 resolution which initiated the process of negotiation of an international legally binding instrument to address the full life-cycle of plastic. Within UNEP also, life-cycle approaches provided the scientific foundation for the organization’s focus on delivering change in high-impact sectors including plastics, textiles, buildings, and construction, and mining.

All of this would not have been possible without the contribution of our committed Life Cycle Community that continued to bring life-cycle thinking to the forefront in conversations with both businesses and policymakers.

Read the LC Initiative’s 2022 Progress Report.

Life Cycle Initiative Progress Report 2021

COP26 and COVID-19 have shown the relevance of solving the triple planetary crises of climate instability, nature loss, and rising pollution levels. The world is slowly moving forward towards circularity and to making sustainable consumption and production the norm. There is more focus now than ever before on sustainability. Life Cycle Thinking and a Life Cycle Approach is imperative to inform decision making and lead the world towards both environmental and social sustainability.

Together with our members, partners, funders and the wider life cycle community, a life cycle approach is building momentum, and its importance known.

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Life Cycle Initiative Progress Report 2020

Like elsewhere in the world, our work in 2020 was affected by COVID-19. With growing restrictions, we entered a virtual world. Thanks to our robust and dedicated network, most of our activities continued as planned. And while we missed the opportunity to meet in person, the move to a virtual space allowed more people from around the world to engage – whether through online consultations, webinars or e-learning opportunities – in our activities and projects, and contribute to our successful outcomes.

Read the LC Initiative’s 2020 Progress Report.

Life Cycle Initiative Progress Report 2019

The 2019 Annual Progress Report of the LC Initiative is a great way to catch up with the progress of the Initiative across its 2017-2022 strategy through the achievements of various projects. 2019 was a landmark year for the Life Cycle Initiative, as we have received unprecedented attention to mainstream life cycle thinking at the global policy level.

Read the LC Initiative’s 2019 Progress Report.

Life Cycle Initiative Progress Report 2018

2018 was an exciting year packed with many deliveries. Highlights include growth in our engaged and active membership base, the addition of two new funding partners, the election of three new Steering Committee members and good progress on our three main programme areas: Technical and policy advice, Capacity development, and Knowledge.

Get details on all the progress and achievements made in the 2018 Progress Report.

Life Cycle Initiative Progress Report 2017

The Initiative concluded its Phase 3 (2012-2017) and launched a new strategy, with the main objective to scale up the Initiative’s activities with a more ambitious linkage to global policies and business agendas, under a more transparent and open governance structure.

Get details on all the progress and achievements made in the 2017 Progress Report.