Global LCA Data network (GLAD)

What is GLAD?

GLAD is the largest directory of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) datasets, from independent LCA database providers, from around the world.

GLAD delivers two main services:

  • Find, access and convert LCA datasets– through a faceted search engine, users can download and convert LCA datasets in the user’s desired format.
  • Give visibility to LCA Datasets – LCA dataset providers are given the platform to share their datasets to the LCA community.

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GLAD was officially launched on 11th June 2020.


Life Cycle Assessment data allows policy makers to develop sound sustainable consumption and production policies, and industries can base their innovation and strategic sustainability decisions on more robust information. Enhanced data accessibility and interoperability benefits the whole life cycle community and affects the way in which LCA goes mainstream. GLAD supports access to LCA data.

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