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The Life Cycle Initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership, including institutional members from governments, businesses, science and civil society, and individual members from science and civil society. The Life Cycle Initiative promotes partnerships to achieve the Agenda 2030 faster and more efficiently by bringing Life Cycle Thinking to decision makers with the practical knowledge and tools to enhance the sustainability of their decisions. To achieve its ambitions the Initiative has a growing need for an engaged and active membership base.

The Secretariat of the Life Cycle Initiative invites you and/or your institution to join us as we move into an exciting and highly active period, delivering strong results for all stakeholders in the years to come. Please download the membership application form and return signed to

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Industries: The Life Cycle Initiative uses globally recognized Life Cycle knowledge and tools, which enables you to minimise the environmental impact during the life cycle of your product(s), necessary for a future-proof business for the benefit of people and the planet. As a member, you are part of the development, you have access to the newest knowledge and training, and you can identify cost-effective, sustainable solutions along the whole life cycle.

Governments: The Life Cycle Initiative enables you to apply life cycle approaches to create science-based policies, which will help you to speed up the transition toward sustainable production and consumption in your country. As a member of the Life Cycle Initiative, you are part of the development, amongst other countries and with better access to training.

Civil Society (Scientists & LCA Experts): Stay up to date and help us to improve life cycle approaches by sharing your experience and knowledge and by contributing to new tools, new methods and global consensus on new aspects for future-proof businesses and the well-being of people and the planet.

NGOs: Use our science-based knowledge for your campaigns to inform policymakers to speed up the transition toward sustainable production and consumption. Your membership will increase the awareness of your organisation and you will have a global forum to inform people about the benefits of life cycle approaches and how this has a positive impact on other issues.

Individuals: can become active members in the Initiative’s work programme. Your membership will allow you to share your knowledge amongst worldwide experts, helping the Initiative to promote the development and application of life cycle approaches to inform sustainable decisions of governments and businesses to speed up the transition toward sustainable production and consumption.