Profiling our members

The Switzerland-based World Resources Forum (WRF) has been engaged with the Life Cycle Initiative for some years, but this global multi-stakeholder platform has now taken our collaboration to the next level as the WRF has been elected to the Initiative’s Steering Committee.

With a large array of stakeholders, both individual and institutional, the WRF is a science-based platform for sharing knowledge on the economic, political, social and environmental implications of global resource use.

As a strong and committed promoter of life cycle thinking, the WRF also effectively promotes innovations in resource productivity; “building bridges” among a host of researchers, policy makers, businesses (including SMEs), NGOs and of course the broader public.

The WRF is now evolving its valuable membership of the Life Cycle Initiative into very welcome participation in the Steering Committee, and we particularly look forward to working with the platform on its areas of special interest: communication, life cycle indicators and capacity development.

The expertise which the World Resources Forum brings to the Initiative is an exciting asset as we move into our fourth phase to 2022. Welcome WRF!

Visit the World Resources Forum website for more information.

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