Tetra Pak, Argentina

Tetra Pak is a Swedish company, global leader in the processing and packaging of food. They work closely with customers and suppliers to offer safe, innovative and environmentally responsible products that cover needs worldwide.

tetrapakThe calculation of the carbon footprint of a tetra pak along its value chain (an indicator used routinely by Tetra Pak) revealed that only 4% of the impacts were within the company limits. Accordingly, Tetra Pak started working more closely with suppliers, clients and end users to reduce the carbon footprint of a box. Work has focused on energy and material efficiency, renewable energy sources and increasing recycling rates. Also, they have redesigned their filling machines (main product) to use less energy and water while filling the boxes. In addition, cardboard suppliers are chosen regarding the water stress they produce in their area.

In Argentina, Tetra Pak uses 100% cardboard from FSC certified forests. It is also actively participating in the development of city strategies for solid waste management, helping cities to implement waste segregation in origin. It also takes part in building recycling plants and donates separation belts to recycler cooperatives. Packages are recycled or used as raw material for producing other things, such as construction boards.

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