Work has started on Phase 2 of the Hotspots Analysis and Sustainability Information flagship project.

The overall project objective is to develop a flexible methodological framework for product and sector level hotspots analysis to support, among others, 10YFP stakeholders in their prioritization efforts to accelerate the shift towards Sustainable Consumption and Production.

While hotspots analysis is proving to be a helpful and effective tool that assists in the identification of areas to be prioritized for action, there is currently no common hotspots analysis approach. This lack of consistency is due in part to:

  • The absence of a recognized set of guiding principles and practices for hotspots analysis;
  • The lack of a globally agreed methodological framework for hotspots analysis;
  • A lack of agreement on the appropriate use and communication of product sustainability information derived from hotspots analysis.

Phase 1 of the project reviewed existing hotspots analysis methodologies (see Phase 1 report). Phase 2 will engage experts in a consensus-building process to address the points above, and develop and agree on a common, flexible methodological framework.

As part of Phase 2, two rapid prototyping workshops (one for sector level and one for product category level hotspots analysis) have been planned to develop the common methodological framework and best practice guidelines. They will be held at the UNEP offices in Paris on the 16-17 June 2016. Please register your interest in attending either one or both workshops or contact the project team through Giorgio Bagordo to find out more.


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