The Life Cycle Initiative, hosted by UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is implementing the Biogenic Carbon project, a two-year project which promotes clear technical guidance for considering biogenic carbon in LCA studies. The Biogenic Carbon Project aims at bridging the existing gap in globally recommended approaches for accounting the temporary storage of biogenic carbon. The project will utilize a collaborative, expert-driven, multi-stakeholder approach to formulate credible recommendations, enhancing the reliability of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) outcomes for bio-based products.  

The objective is to produce succinct and harmonised technical guidance to consider biogenic carbon in LCA studies of biobased products and services. The project scope comprises an overview of current standards and approaches, the identification of impact categories, processes, and key questions to be answered to enable the consideration of biogenic carbon in product-level LCA. The key focus will be on quantifying the climate impact of biogenic carbon, and to the extent possible also its role on soil quality and biodiversity.  

The project is supported by a technical advisory committee to ensure continuous inputs and expertise, working groups to secure participation of individuals with various levels of expertise and perspectives, and an implementation partner who is to be selected through this call for proposals. 

Who can apply?

  • Registered non-profit organizations, with extensive experience in relation to modelling Biogenic Carbon in Life Cycle Assessment studies or comparable material cycles. 
    • Such organization could for example be Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Not-for-profit Organisations (NPOs), National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs), members of the RECPnet, research and innovation centres. 
    • Co-funding and/or in-kind contribution to the project are expected from the applicant. 
  • Applications from the private sector will not be considered. 

Implementation period of the Biogenic Carbon project

  • 25 months (Dec 2023 –Dec 2025) 

Application process

Read the relevant documents and use the templates provided. Be sure to submit your proposal by 14th November, 2023. 

Please send applications or inquiries to Marvin Lauenburg and Archana Datta