The S-LCA Guidelines revision process passed a new milestone with its first face-to-face workshop that took place in Pescara, Italy, on September 12-14th, 2018. The workshop brought together 44 participants from 17 countries and from a range of sectors (academia, consulting, industry, international organisations). It offered a concrete opportunity for S-LCA practitioners to get involved in the revision process and to improve an initial draft that was developed by working groups. The revised guidelines aim to reflect current state-of-the-art in both S-LCA and SOLCA, focus on capacity building, and broaden the audience of the current guidelines.

Participants and organizers alike came out energized from the Pescara workshop. The event was very constructive and a stepping stone in the process. It attracted wide participation from the S-LCA community and led to insightful discussions and high-quality inputs for the improvement of the initial revised guidelines draft. The next face-to-face workshop is planned for the spring of 2019, in Paris, France, April 24th to 26th: Mark your calendar! Exact schedule will follow in our next newsletter(s).

The S-LCA Guidelines Revision is a 4-year project, under the umbrella of the UN Environment-hosted Life Cycle Initiative. The first two years are devoted to the revision of the 2009 UNEP-SETAC S-LCA Guidelines. The last two years will pilot test and strengthen the newly developed guidelines.

If you are interested to participate in the revision process please email Elisabeth Ekener to be added to the mailing list. For other inquiry on this project, you may contact project managers Sara Russo Garrido and Catherine Benoit Norris