Note: Due to issues with sending the LC Net newsletter, the deadline for applications for the 2019 Life Cycle Award has been extended to December 31, 2019.

The Life Cycle Initiative has contributed since 2002 to enhance the capacities and skills on Life Cycle approaches worldwide. However, the number of LCA professionals in developing countries is still insufficient to meet local needs. These countries lack financial resources for acquiring LCA tools, data and/or expertise.


Aims of the 2019 LCA Award

  • Strengthen capacities for putting life cycle thinking into effective practice in emerging and developing countries in targeted regions (Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia)
  • Generate local Life Cycle knowledge and make it available
  • Demonstrate the value of using Life Cycle concepts in the specific context of the pilot project

Intended beneficiaries of the projects approved for the LCA Award

  • Non-for profit organizations representing producers, consumers, governments/government agencies

Support to projects selected, reporting and accessibility of results

  • LCA tools

Application evaluation criteria

  • Clarity: Well-defined scope and goals
  • LCA focus: Demonstrated application of Life Cycle Thinking and use of LC based approaches such as hotspot analysis, eco-innovation strategies, environmental/social claims, among others
  • Quality: Realistic and well-structured project plan, including resources and deliverables
  • Impact: Multiplier effect and description of estimated benefits such as:CO2, water and resources saved, economic benefits gained, number of persons positively impacted as a result of the project
  • Capacity: Knowledge and experience of the project team
  • Sustainability: In-kind and/or cash contribution to the project by person proposing the project and project implementing partners


  • Application submission deadline: 31 Dec 2019
  • Notification of selection: TBD
  • Project implementation period: TBD
  • Submission of reports: TBD
  • Who can apply: Organizations located in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, and Asia

How to apply


  • Special thanks to the following LCA tools providers for their support to this activity (alphabetical order):
    ecoinvent (ecoinvent 3.3), IKE (eBalance, China), ifu Hamburg (Umberto), GreenDelta (Product Social Impact Life Cycle Assessment database-PSILCA), Social Hotspot Database (SHDB), PRé Sustainability (SimaPro), Thinkstep (Gabi LCA).

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