Many thanks to those of you who already expressed your interest to join these working groups on Nomenclature and Metadata descriptors after the call in the previous newsletter! The working groups will progressively start with calls and defining the work programme during January and February, and they are always open for new blood…

Do you have experience with developing, sorting and managing LCA datasets?

Have you been dealing with the intricacies of managing LCA data within software packages? If yes, this is for you!

As you saw in our previous newsletter, we are re-activating the working groups on Nomenclature and the Metadata Descriptors, two essential elements to ensure LCA data interoperability within GLAD. They will be animated by the Technical Management Group of GLAD, and will be key to ensure the adequate evolution of metadata descriptors as well as to maintain the nomenclature system that is required to keep up to date with new versions of databases being published, as well as new life cycle impact assessment methods requiring new flows, etc.

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