In this edition of LC Net:

  • LC NET FOCUS: Life Cycle Initiative members to gather for 2nd virtual General Assembly on 27 September 2018: Steering Committee Election process and deadlines
  • 4th UN Environment Assembly (UNEA4) to put focus on life cycle approaches
  • Call for volunteer reviewers for the reports of the Life Cycle Initiative
  • Call for reviewers for the Global Assessment on Natural Resource Use and Management
  • The Life Cycle Initiative contributes to the One Planet network review of biodiversity assessment initiatives
  • Journal article published on the road-testing experience of “Organizational LCA”
  • New projects in the Life Cycle Initiative portfolio: An updated Guidelines for Social LCA – Scale up and road testing of Social LCA & Social Organizational LCA (S-LCA & SOLCA)
  • Life Cycle Assessment for Key National Sectors in Peru
  • Life Cycle Initiative presented at the Chilean LCA Conference
  • NATURA LCA success story: How Life Cycle Thinking is Boosting a Brazilian Cosmetics Firm

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