Call for O-LCA road testing proposals

The next step is to road test the guidance document in about 10 real organizations. By applying Organizational LCA to those organizations we aim to proof the potential of the methodology, add more experiences and promote its further use, and test the clarity of the document.

The road testers will be selected as to get a representative set of organizations in terms of region, sector, size, and experience with environmental tools. The willingness of the organization to participate and the availability of (staff and economic) resources would also be a key factor.

The organizations are expected to be the main actor in the application (providing its own resources). On the top of that, the secretariat of the flagship project will provide to each road tester a kind of review against the guidance with feedback for improvements. The secretariat is particularly concerned about the participation of SMEs and developing countries, thus we will closely support the application of few of these organizations (limited number).

The first proposal of calendar for this third phase is presented in the following. The dates are tentative and will be agreed with each road tester according to their characteristics:

• June 15 2015: call for road-testing organizations will close.
• After June 15 2015: selection of road testers and kick-off online meeting.
• 6-9 months: apply the methodology. Regular meetings with secretariat.
• Spring 2016: First feedback and results. Leaflet.

Terms and conditions will be agreed with each road tester (milestones, confidentiality, formal issues, etc.). As an outcome of the road testing, we will prepare a leaflet with the results / experience of the several organizations. It will be focused on the experience and the gains, not the results or the methodology or technical issues. If necessary, we may prepare a new online version of the guidance document according to the feedback from road testers.

Download the application to participate in the road testing phase. Please submit the completed form using the email address noted in the form by close of business on June 15, 2015.

The “Call for Road-testing” flyer can be downloaded below and forwarded to interested parties.
English version
Spanish version
Chinese version

For any other question or issue, contact the coordinator of the flagship project.