We are happy to let you know that the Marine Impacts in LCA (MariLCA) project was recently officially launched during SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Helsinki. MariLCA is an international working group jointly supported by the Life Cycle Initiative and the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation and seeks to develop a methodology to integrate potential environmental impact categories and characterization factors of marine impact assessment into LCA, in priority on marine plastic litter.

We are currently looking for experts to be part of our Scientific Working Group and stakeholders (industry, government, NGO etc.) in our Technical Advisory Committee. You may submit your preference through the interest form.

The project, which is led by Anne-Marie Boulay (CIRAIG, Polytechnique Montreal), Ian Vazquez Rowe (PUCP) and Francesca Verones (NTNU), will be carried out along three main project phases from 2019 – 2025. Integrating potential environmental impacts of marine litter, especially plastics, in LCA results will lead to a more comprehensive picture of potential environmental impacts. As such it will enable the identification of trade-offs associated with the use of plastics and other materials in a product and service system.