We’re pleased to present the headlines of the July-August 2021 edition of the LC Net:

LC Net Focus

  • Strategic Shifts occurring within the Life Cycle Initiative


  • A significant “departure” from the Secretariat team

  • Meta-study on FOOD packaging: Partner selected

  • Join us for a webinar on life cycle approach to plastics pollution

  • SDG Project Update and call for new industry partners to road-test the methods

Project & Activity Updates

  • SCP-HAT: v 2.0, Africa workshop, country reports, etc.
  • Discussing the environmental impacts of single-use nappies and their alternative
  • More than 200 new free datasets now accessible and consultable via GLAD
  • “LCA as a tool to evaluate single-use plastic products in South Africa”, expert workshop on 29 June
  • Cross-cutting issues in GLAM
  • First publication from MarILCA project as Scientific Committee meetings continue

Life Cycle Community News

  • Global Launch of the InTex (Innovative Business Practices and Economic Models in the Textile Value Chain) project on 15th June 2021
  • Awareness-raising event and public launch of the project “Advancing Life Cycle-based Sustainability Assessment in Sri Lanka” on June 2nd, 2021
  • IHOBE’s Publications