We’re pleased to present the headlines of the January-February 2022 edition of the LC Net:

LC Net Focus

  • Bring on 2022!


  • New version of the SCP-HAT interactive online tool launched
  • Argentina launches new SCP Strategy
  • New tutorial published: National Guidance for Plastic Pollution Hotspotting and Shaping Action Tutorial Manual

Project & Activity Updates

  • Nappies LCA meta-study gaining public interest
  • More people learned about Life Cycle Thinking via our e-learning courses in 2021
  • Improving GLAD Metadata via user experience
  • Enhanced availability, accessibility, and interoperability of LCA data for textile sector with GLAD via InTex project
  • Publication of framework paper for marine plastic waste pathways in LCIA (MarILCA project)
  • USEtox: Chemicals of concern in building materials
  • Event recap: Implementing the New UNEP 2020 S-LCA Guidelines
  • An operational method for linking the SDGs to LCA

Life Cycle Community News

  • Abstract submission is now open for the LCA Foods 2022 Conference in Lima, Peru

Life Cycle Community Calendar

  • SETAC 8th World Congress
  • LCA Foods 2022 Conference • Lima, Peru
  • Ecobalance 2022 • Fukuoka, Japan

Life Cycle Job Announcements

  • Join the UNEP Life Cycle team as an intern
  • Unilever – Environmental Sustainability Scientist
  • Unilever – LCA Analyst/Practitioner