Global LCA Data Access network (GLAD) launch webinar summary

On June 11th, the Global LCA Data Access network (GLAD) was launched! For the occasion, we held a dynamic 2-hour virtual event, with live demos and interactive discussions and panels, all of this kindly hosted by our partners PRé Sustainability (many thanks again!).

The goal of the launch was to present the GLAD platform, which allows to search, convert and download datasets from different life cycle assessment dataset providers. Most of the LCA data providers are already connected to GLAD (datasets connected went from 4,000+ to 80,000+ in the 3 weeks ahead of the launch!), or in the process, and we hope that by the end of the year the vast majority of LCA data will be found via GLAD. GLAD hence improves sustainability-related decisions through enhanced, interoperable and global access to LCA datasets.

We trust GLAD will move from strength to strength in gluing a global community seeking enhanced interoperability of LCA data, and that it will revolutionize LCA study preparation and delivery to be faster and more economical. This is possible because a strong community of willing parties is contributing to it; you can join forces in this community and BE GLAD!

A virtual toast to GLAD during the launch event… CHEERS! >> Click the image to watch the launch.

If you missed the GLAD launch event you can watch the webinar recording.

332 attendees (68% of those registered) and 25 speakers and presenters from different stakeholder groups (Governments, consulting companies, data providers, LCA experts, universities, etc. as well as UNEP) enjoyed the launch live. Some early birds in the Americas started the event at 8AM in their morning, while some night owls in New Zealand stayed up until 3AM to watch it full! The interest in GLAD translated into dozens of questions (80) being asked during the webinar. We have now clustered them and provided answers to all.

The webinar demonstrated how GLAD works, how it brings value to different kinds of users (policy makers, LCA practitioners, node owners) and the different pathways to connect a node based on various starting points. We also covered the GLAD governance and the multiple ways in which you can get involved in the process:

  • Working Groups (WG1: Nomenclature; WG2: Metadata Descriptors)
  • Upcoming events: Developer day(s)
  • Connecting your data/nodes
  • Funding
  • and many other opportunities!

Also during the event: Launch of the “Roadmap for national LCA database development: guidance and recommendations from around the world”

During the launch, the report “Roadmap for national LCA database development: guidance and recommendations from around the world” was launched as an additional resource to support LCA data generation globally. Also available in Spanish.