UNEP REAL project Life Cycle Thinking and Eco-innovation trainingUNEP’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific has issued a call for participants for a two-day training in life cycle thinking and eco-innovation, to be held 19 and 20 October 2016 in New Delhi.  Applications to participate are requested from individuals in the Asia and Pacific region.

The two-day training is offered as part of the ‘Resource Efficiency through Application of Life cycle thinking’ (REAL) project. The REAL project seeks to develop skills and capabilities in life cycle thinking and demonstrate the application through pilot projects. To participate in the training individuals are invited to submit information about their motivation, background and a proposal for pilot project to demonstrate application of life cycle thinking.

The training will follow the Indian Life Cycle Management conference ( www.indialca.com). Financial assistance is available for up to 10 participants, which will include flights, accommodation and expenses. The training will be limited to 40 people.

To apply for the training, please email a 1-page pilot project proposal, a 1-page cover letter and a 2-page CV in pdf format to  Walter Reinhardt  and Feng Wang. The deadline for submission is Friday 16 September.