The Social LCA Project focuses on the revision of the Guidelines of Social Life Cycle Assessment, and road testing it in the private sector. Currently, the updated Guidelines are in the review process until 10th May, and you can participate in the review. The result of the commenting process with be presented at the 7th Social LCA virtual conference (June 15-17).

The road testing started in November 2019 with the kick-off meeting. It will last to February 2021 and it aims to implement the new guidelines and collect the experiences in a compendium document of the guidelines.

Eight Companies from different sectors and a Municipality are taking part of the project:

  1. BMW Group – Automotive
  2. Confetti Pelino S.r.l. – Food
  3. Japfa Ltd – Food
  4. Aptargroup –  Packaging
  5. Ponzio S.r.l. –  Metal
  6. International Copper Association (ICA) – Metal
  7. Tata Steel Ltd. – Metal
  8. Department of Space and Population (DIEP) – University of Cuenca – Waste
  9. Product Social Metric Roundtable – Cosmetics

These companies represent different geographical contexts and different dimensions of company. The main target for them is to implement the revised guidelines and give feedback to the Steering Committee about challenges and benefits by learning in the same time how a S-LCA should be implemented and integrated in a product development. Prof. Marzia Traverso is leading this part of the project with the support and supervision of other members of the Steering Committee of the Social LC Alliance.

The first step of the project was to give trainings on the new guidelines to the road tester. Template for collecting data for the social life cycle Inventory and the template for the report were given to the participants to support them in their deliverables.
Every 1-2 months a webinar is organized to meet the road tester and give them support on the project and collecting their first results. Currently the road testers have defined their goal and scope and they are preparing for the data collection. A periodical update of the project will be given in the newsletter.