Data and database management (Flagship 2a)

The expert consultations revealed that a gap faced by all practitioners is inconsistency in the development and management of databases, as well as the availability and reliability of local data. This situation is not desirable for the consistent global practice of LCA because practitioners and their clients may question that the results of a global LCA truly reflect the burdens and potential impacts of where activities in the life cycle actually occur. The focus of this flagship project is therefore on:

  • Promoting a consistent approach to unit process and aggregated datasets;
  • database development and management through the communication of guidance principles;
  • Expansion and enhancement of the database registry; and
  • Traning and technical assistance.

The aim is to create and coordinate a network of database managers and other closely allied actors in the data ecosystem. It further aims to develop, train trainers and deliver effective instruction on the Global Guidance Principles in order to facilitate consistent and conforming practices globally.

For more information on this Flagship Activity, please contact its co-chairs: Guido Sonnemann and Bruce Vigon.

Flagship updates and related news

Call for proposals: Development of National LCA Database Roadmaps and further development of the Technical Helpdesk for National LCA Databases

Call for proposals: Development of National LCA Database Roadmaps, including further development of the Technical Helpdesk for National LCA Databases Desired final outcome The desired final outcome is to develop 3 national LCA database roadmaps in different countries and to further develop the Technical Helpdesk for National LCA Databases for this purpose. Who can apply...

LC Net for Jan/Feb 2017 published

We’ve just published the January-February edition of the LC Net. Stories in the first edition for 2017: Promoting global consensus on Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators: new publication launched with a series of characterization factors Phase 3 draws to an end; momentum builds for next phase: Looking back on 2016, looking forward to the next…

New publication: Opportunities for National Life Cycle Network Creation and Expansion Around the World

The Life Cycle Initiative is poised to launch 2 new publications in October 2016. The first publication has already been launched in Kyoto, Japan on 4 October at the Ecobalance 2016 conference. Based on an introduction setting the scene for life cycle approaches from an international perspective and a global survey answered in average by more than 10% of...

Expert workshop on LCA data and its contribution to policy making

7 October 2016, Kyoto Japan The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Japan co-organized the workshop on 7 October with UN Environment and Life Cycle Initiative: “Contributions of Life Cycle Thinking to Sustainable Development Pathways – and the Role of Global LCA Data Access Network” (GLAD). This workshop offered a great opportunity for approx….

Strong Life Cycle Initiative presence at Ecobalance 2016: Join us!

EcoBalance 2016, the 12th Biennial Conference on EcoBalance 3-6 October / Kyoto, Japan This biennial conference series is about methodologies and practices for sustainability based life-cycle thinking. The 2016 theme, “Responsible value chains for sustainability” invites exploration of efforts at tackling challenges for embodying responsible value chains in business, compatible with value creation for companies…

Life Cycle Initiative’s contribution at SETAC Nantes 2016

The Annual SETAC Europe conference held in Nantes (France) on 22-26 May 2016 offered a good opportunity for the Initiative to interact with a significant proportion of the LCA community during 5.5 packed days of events. The global presence, importance and influence of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative and other UNEP-related projects such as the…

Call for datasets review: Invitation to review datasets from three national databases

The Flagship Project on “LCA Data and databases” has as its main objective to support the development of databases and contained datasets according to the Global Guidance Principles (GGP) and in line with emerging procedures and practices for review. Within this project, the co-chairs of the Flagship on Life Cycle Data are coordinating a practical…

Major advancements for life cycle-based data and policies

Life cycle thinking is a key factor in switching to more sustainable consumption and production patterns. But to successfully achieve this pillar of the global transformation envisaged by the Sustainable Development Goals, robust life-cycle approaches must be integrated in both the public and private sectors, at a global level. The International week for Life Cycle Assessment,…

Malaysia, Brazil and Thailand dataset review completed

Review of 40 LCA datasets from Malaysia, Brazil and Thailand completed The Life Cycle Initiative has been supporting UNEP in technical support to national LCA databases since late 2014. One of the key requests from countries has been for technical support on the peer-review of their LCA datasets. This particular effort had to be organized...

Two consultations underway

Two consultations underway 1. Global Guidance Principles Conformance Criteria The UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative has been developing conformance criteria to allow assessment of the practical conformance of a given LCA database to the “Global Guidance Principles on LCA Databases” (also called “Shonnan Global Guidance Principles”) published under the auspices of the LC Initiative in 2011[1]….