Data and database management (Flagship 2a)

The expert consultations revealed that a gap faced by all practitioners is inconsistency in the development and management of databases, as well as the availability and reliability of local data. This situation is not desirable for the consistent global practice of LCA because practitioners and their clients may question that the results of a global LCA truly reflect the burdens and potential impacts of where activities in the life cycle actually occur. The focus of this flagship project is therefore on:

  • Promoting a consistent approach to unit process and aggregated datasets;
  • database development and management through the communication of guidance principles;
  • Expansion and enhancement of the database registry; and
  • Traning and technical assistance.

The aim is to create and coordinate a network of database managers and other closely allied actors in the data ecosystem. It further aims to develop, train trainers and deliver effective instruction on the Global Guidance Principles in order to facilitate consistent and conforming practices globally.

For more information on this Flagship Activity, please contact its co-chairs: Guido Sonnemann and Bruce Vigon.

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