Project Title: The Sustainable Consumption and Production Hotspot Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT)

Co-Implementing Partners: One Planet Network, International Resource Panel, Vienna University, CSRIO

Co-Funding Partners: European Commission, Norway, One Planet Network, and the funding partners of the Life Cycle Initiative]

Project Summary:

SCP-HAT is an online application that provides visualization of

SCP-HAT overview video

the footprints of nations, based on data of 171 countries’ environmental and socio-economic performance over the last 25 years. In this way, SCP-HAT offers empirical evidence of ‘hotspots’ where unsustainable consumption and production practices may be particularly prevalent. It is currently being used by governments in a variety of contexts, notably for Nationally Determined Contributions to Greenhouse Gas emissions reductions.

The tool uses a unique framework that combines national environmental and socio-economic data with trade information for the estimation of supply-wide environmental pressures and impacts. This approach allows tracing environmental pressures and impacts along the supply chain of the goods and services consumed within a given country, an essential dimension of our globalized economy.

The tool is targeted at multiple audiences, with a main target on policy experts and statisticians but also including the general public; it consists of three focused modules:

Module 1: Country Profile

Module 2: Hotspot Identification

Module 3: National Data System

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