As we embark on the journey through 2024, let’s reflect on our achievements and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. 

In 2023, we launched the Community of Practice with LCA Networks, supporting regional and national LCA networks. Notably, the webinar on “Advancing Life Cycle Approaches in MENA Region” supported the launch of a new regional LCA Network in the MENA region.

The successful launch of the Biogenic Carbon Project marks a significant milestone in addressing existing gaps in internationally recommended approaches to account for biogenic carbon in LCA.

On other ongoing projects of the Life Cycle Initiative, the SCP-HAT tool is now an integral component of the UNEP-UNDP-UNFCCC digital toolbox, “Building circularity into NDCs” launched at MENA Climate Week in October 2023. GLAM is in its final stage, building on the recommendations from more than 150 scientists worldwide engaged through 11 virtual workshops, and an in-person consensus workshop in Copenhagen in May 2023. Moreover, GLAD‘s notable enhancements, including metadata descriptors and an upgraded conversion tool, mark significant strides in accessibility and efficiency.

To our dedicated Community and esteemed Funding Partners, our deepest appreciation for your steadfast support. The Life Cycle Initiative remains committed to fostering collaboration, pushing boundaries, and advancing sustainability globally.

Stay informed about our ongoing work through our website, joining us on this journey toward a more sustainable future.