The Life Cycle Initiative Secretariat is delighted to welcome our new interns who joined us in March: Qihui Yuan and Charlotte van Hal, injecting fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to our mission.  

Qihui Yuan 
Hello! My name is Qihui Yuan, and I am the newest intern at the Life Cycle Unit, joining from the Environmental Policy program at Sciences Po, Paris. With a background in environmental policy and a passion for sustainable development, I am eager to contribute to the impactful work of our team. Having lived and studied in multiple countries, I bring a diverse perspective to our discussions on environmental challenges and solutions. I look forward to learning from everyone and making a positive impact during my internship.

Charlotte van Hal 
Hello, I am Charlotte from the Netherlands. I recently completed a two-year master’s program in Sustainable Business and Innovation at Utrecht University. I conducted a quantitative thesis study on climate change perceptions in Africa and the implications for policy adaptation to mitigate the consequences of climate change. My practical experience extends to coordinating the marketing communications for a biotechnological scale-up, for which I previously investigated circular business- and EU regulatory opportunities to commercialize cow-manure into cellulose fibers. I am excited to have been granted the opportunity to further my understanding of LCA’s practical application and contribute to projects of the Life Cycle Initiative.