2nd LCIA international consultation workshop

The 2nd LCIA international consultation workshop was held in Glasgow on 16-17 May 2013 which has been very productive. It followed the 1st consultation meeting which took place in Yokohama on 23 November 2012. The Glasgow event involved around 40 participants on Thursday 16 May plus around 20-30 on-line attendees on 17 May.

On Friday 17 May, the experts participated in the identification of key consensus issues and the initial elaboration of a preliminary workplan for the pre-selected impact categories.

Enclosed are the slides summarizing the main outcomes of the Glasgow workshop. Key in the process has been the idea to prioritize impact categories of high relevance such as global warming, particulate matter impacts, land use and water use.

Consensus on these can be reached by focusing first on selected pathways for which there is higher consensus, e.g. biodiversity impacts due to land occupation. Please find the full set of slides presented at the workshop here:http://www.setac.org/members/forums/posts.asp?topic=592835&group=97415

Next steps include:

  • Publication of the Glasgow workshop results in the International Journal of LCA.
  • Get further feedback on the preliminary outcomes achieved in Glasgow by reaching a wider range of stakeholders (the enclosed slides).
  • Call for expressions of interest in joining the sub-groups identified on impact categories as indicated in the form attached.
  • Form task forces on each selected group of impact categories.