Road testing organizational life cycle assessment around the world: Applications, experiences and lessons learned

Road testing organizational life cycle assessment around the world: Applications, experiences and lessons learned

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Organizational life cycle assessment (O-LCA) compiles and evaluates the inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts of the activities associated with the organization, following a life cycle perspective. The “Guidance on Organizational Life Cycle Assessment”, (or, O-LCA Guidance) published in 2015 by the Life Cycle Initiative, showed that the application of life cycle assessment at the organization level is relevant, meaningful and already possible. This seminal publication highlighted the potential of the approach and supported practitioners facing methodological challenges when using O-LCA.

The following 12 organizations agreed to road test the new O-LCA methodology: 1) AKG Gazbeton, 2) Azbil Corporation, 3) Banco de México, 4) Daimler, 5) Demarchi industrial complex-BASF, 6) Faculty of Science and Technology-UPH, 7) Foundation Emmaüs, 8) Junk That Funk, 9) Maschio Gaspardo, 10) Natura Cosméticos, 11)Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products, and 12) Tuzla Belediyesi. The purpose of the O-LCA road testing was manifold: to check and demonstrate its usefulness and applicability, to identify any remaining gaps and challenges, and last, to make available case studies on O-LCA implementation.

This publication complements the O-LCA Guidance in that it offers more in-depth insights into O-LCA application, developed from the outcomes of the road testing. It begins with a summary of the main features of O-LCA to set the context for the road testing. The subsequent sections present, first, the executive summaries of the O-LCA road testers’ case studies, highlighting their intended applications, chosen methodological solutions, high-level results and challenges experienced; and second the results of a comprehensive survey through which the road testers share their experience, feedback and lessons learned. Drawing from previous sections, crosscutting outcomes of the road-testing process are also presented.

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