Life Cycle Thinking in Latin America

Life Cycle Thinking in Latin America

This report delivers short summaries about the status of implementation of life cycle approaches of 12 companies in the Latin American region. These twelve case studies were chosen from an initial 24 cases, using exclusion and selection criteria related to their reported action. Information for the drafting of these summaries was extracted from the websites of the companies, and is comprised solely by publicly available information.

The private sector in Latin America is incorporating new elements to the sustainability palette, namely by including more indicators related to environmental performance. Experience, drive for excellence and public pressure have fuelled more holistic approaches to environmental sustainability, which are leading to life cycle thinking. This report shows a small sample of what companies are doing.

Based on the exclusion criteria, seven (7) companies were not considered for further analysis. The other 17 were ranked according to the depth and breadth of their life cycle approach. The top 12 are presented in this document, and can be seen in Table 1. The criteria for selection, company names and results can be found in the annex at the end.

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Agri-food, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Food and drink, Metals and minerals, Packaging, Paper and wood products, Telecommunication, Tourism