Life Cycle Communication Platform

The Life Cycle Initiative’s main means of communicating with its global network of LC professionals is three-fold:

  1. Website: news posts, case studies, publications, training materials, etc.
  2. LC Net: our newsletter has focus articles on LC issues, flagship project updates, events, LC jobs
  3. Social media: We post news and images on Linkedin and Twitter.

The main deliverable for the communications work is the provision of relevant, informative, interactive and educational news and materials, promoted via social media tools. The LC platform contributes to life cycle awareness by sharing relevant knowledge and data.

Relevant knowledge sources include life cycle studies, key business websites presenting clear benefits (and challenges) from implementing life cycle approaches, life cycle database registries, websites from similar and related initiatives sharing online tools, and so on.

A further goal of the LC platform is to identify the most relevant life cycle trends, enable enhanced stakeholder outreach through various means, including multi-stakeholder roundtables.