The Life Cycle Initiative is pleased to announce the launch of the Hotspot Analysis Tool for Sustainable Consumption and Production (the SCP-HAT). Together with the One Planet Network and the International Resource Panel, the Life Cycle Initiative commissioned this project and now the tool is finally ready to be used. With the help of our implementing partners, WU Vienna and CSIRO, as well as support from KGM & Associates, an intuitive and online tool is now ready to help countries identify hotspot areas. The tool has already been piloted in Argentina, Ivory Coast and Kazakhstan.

The tool provides three modules to analyse hotspot areas:

Module 1 – Country Profile: Provides the key information regarding the country’s environmental performance, in the context of the most relevant policy questions.
Module 2 – SCP Hotspots: Provides a wide range of SCP indicators to analyse hotspots of unsustainable consumption and production at country and sector levels.
Module 3 – National Data Systems: Provides the option of inserting national data to receive more tailored results.

For further details and the chance try it out yourself, consult the SCP-HAT website. If you have any feedback for this tool and the project, please send your email to Ms. Kristina Bowers.