Global Guidance Principles (GGP) on Life Cycle Assessment Data and Databases

Global Guidance Principles (GGP) on Life Cycle Assessment Data and Databases

November 17, 2016

Global Guidance Principles for Life Cycle Assessment Databases A basis for greener processes and productsThe purpose of this training kit is to provide trainers on the Life Cycle Initiative Global Guidance Principles (GGP) for life cycle assessment databases, which serves to promote consistent practices for data collection, dataset development, and all aspects of database management. This training kit is a self-contained resource for teaching the practical use of the GGP on LCA databases. After gaining an understanding of the training kit contents and its relationship to the GGP on LCA databases, the trainer should be able to judge:

  • what is clearly recommended as good practice on LCA databases by the GGP
  • what is indicated as supportable, even if not based on consensus, and
  • what is only implied either as a suggested practice or as a general principle but not a specific directive.

The training kit developers intend that the trainers will create a secondary file for the trainees based on their particular needs and base knowledge.  The training kit is not intended to be given directly to trainees.  The secondary file should be a pdf or other format that cannot be altered.

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