The Life Cycle Initiative co-hosted the multi-stakeholder dialogues alongside the preparatory Open Ended Working Group meeting for the intergovernmental negotiating committee on plastic pollution from 29 May to 1 June. The dialogues demonstrated the diversity and value of viewpoints and inputs from all stakeholders along the plastic value chain, as well as the importance of engaging them in the discussion. The structure of the first day of dialogues followed the life cycle stages of plastic products, and highlighted the importance of a systemic approach to solving plastic pollution.

Later in the month, on 26 June, an event co-hosted by the governments of France and Kenya, saw the announcement of 22 new governments that will become signatories of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, endorsed by the Life Cycle Initiative as it brings to action the life cycle approach required to address plastic pollution in a systemic way. This new wave of governments, in the context of the UN Ocean Conference, brought the message loud and clear that governments at all levels and from all continents are heeding to the call for systemic solutions to plastic pollution.

More resources on what a life cycle approach to plastic pollution looks like are available on our website.