Are you looking for an LCA dataset for your study and don’t know where to start? On GLAD you are able to browse among over 90,000 LCA datasets on more than 16,000 products and processes.

GLAD is the largest directory of LCA datasets, from independent providers, from around the world. Since its launch in June 2020, we are on a continuous quest to improve the user experience with the end-goal of ensuring easier access and interoperability among LCA data.

So, what is new?

Enhanced dataset search function: After transitioning to Drupal, and making the site mobile-friendly, we have also enhanced the data browsing function through the addition of a faceted search. Now you can filter and find the datasets you need much more easily. Tooltips have been added to help user understand each search filter. Some search filters have also been revised to be more user-friendly. For instance, for the geographic location, you no longer need to know the ISO code of countries by heart, as the search field now shows their full name. With a more-user friendly GLAD platform, users will have easier access to LCA data.

Self-service registration & maintenance: Soon dataset providers will be able to self-register and edit their metadata on GLAD directly through the web interface or by using our prepared Excel template, which is already available.

Categories: We developed a model – and we will soon be testing it – to assign automated categories to the registered metadata. Currently data providers register their data on GLAD using their own diverse category systems, making the ‘Category’ search filter difficult to use. The automated category model, will help standardize the available categories for datasets in GLAD, making this search criteria more useful for the users to refine their search. With the new model, GLAD will tag the data with new automatically generated and standardized codes using artificial intelligence.

To our nodes – rest assured, we will give you an opportunity to review the automated categories for your datasets, and we will not change those you have assigned yourselves.


During our major update on 25th October 2021, all datasets and user accounts were migrated. Algorithms were updated and old passwords and API keys no longer work. Therefore, please:
reset your password on  the password recovery page, then, generate a new API key on your account by visiting the “Key authentication” tab. If you are having difficulties, please drop us an email at

We’ve just published a basic tutorial that can help you take the first steps to finding the data you need.

We hope that these new features will be helpful for the whole LCA community.