New phase, renewed strategy

During its 15th year, in 2017, the Life Cycle Initiative will be starting a new phase with a renewed strategy.

A broad multi-stakeholder working group has been formed to bring in the perspectives from Governments, Industry, Academia, NGOs… from around the globe. We were humbled by the strong interest shown by interested participants for this working group, which is formed by members of the current governing body (the International Life Cycle Board, ILCB) together with external stakeholders who bring new perspectives on the use of Life Cycle Assessment and life cycle thinking in the public, private and academic sectors.

The composition of this Strategy Working Group, which will be delivering the Initiative’s strategy document in spring 2017, is detailed below. For more information on the strategic design and the future of the Life Cycle Initiative, please keep a close eye on our upcoming newsletters, or send an email to info(at)

Composition of the Life Cycle Initiative Strategy Working Group

Seat Name Affiliation
ILCB-Public Sponsors Serenella Sala EC DG JRC
ILCB-Private Sponsors Cássia Ugaya ABCV, Brazil
ILCB-Strategic Partners Matthias Finkbeiner TU Berlin
External-Government Paolo Masoni ENEA, Italy
External-Business Large Andrea Brown WBCSD
External-Business SMEs Zubeida Zwavel ZZWAVEL Environmental Consulting, South Africa
External-Academia 1 Martha Stevenson WWF, USA
External-Academia 2 Thumrongrut Mungcharoen NSTDA, Thailand