Interviews & Videos

This page contains links to interviews and other videos related to life cycle approaches or the work of the Life Cycle Initiative.

Views on Environmental Footprint: Video

Views on Environmental Footprint The Environment Directorate-General of the European Commission has produced a series of videos on Environmental Footprint featuring interviews with several experts in the field (including Llorenç Mila i Canals of UNEP and the Life Cycle Initiative). The interviews were recorded during the Mid-term Conference of the Environmental Footprint Pilot Phase (November 2015)....

Hotspots analysis videos

Hotspots Analysis flagship activity background Jim Fava, co-chair of the Hotspots Analysis flagship takes time at LCM 2015 in Bordeaux to give some background into hotspots analysis and the flagship project activities.

Organizational LCA videos

Matthias Finkbeiner speaks about the launch of the O-LCA Guidance publication At LCM in Bordeaux, Matthias Finkbeiner, co-chair of the LCA of Organizations flagship, speaks about the benefits of O-LCA and compares O-LCA to Organizational Environmental Footprint (OEF).

Two interviews with LCA practitioners

Two interviews with LCA practitioners Two interviews with life cycle assessment practitioners explain how they will use the carbon footprint and water footprint training in practice back home, as well as the benefits and prospects of working with the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. At the session in Paris held in November 2012, participants learned about environmental…