The Resource Efficiency through Application of Life cycle thinking (REAL) project has launched a Call for Proposals for pilot projects which apply life cycle thinking and tools in Asia and the Pacific.

United Nations Environment aims to select, offer technical support to, and deliver projects which successfully demonstrate the value of life cycle approaches to government and business challenges in the region. These might include hotspots analysis, life cycle impact assessments, or network and partnership development. Examples and inspiration may also be sought from our LCA success stories section.

The projects must be short term, with a maximum implementation period of 18 months, and to a maximum budget of USD 20,000. Not-for-profit implementing partners can apply; including NGOs, National Centres for Cleaner Production (NCPCs) and research institutes or associations from developing or transitioning economies in the Asia Pacific region.

To apply, please read carefully the Call for Proposals and complete the corresponding application form. Completed forms must be submitted via email to and

Deadline for submission is 17h00 CET Friday 17 March 2017.

The REAL project is made possible with the financial support of the European Commission.

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