The 2019 Annual Progress Report of the LC Initiative is a great way to catch up with the progress of the Initiative across its 2017-2022 strategy through the achievements of various projects. 2019 was a landmark year for the Life Cycle Initiative, as we have received unprecedented attention to mainstream life cycle thinking at the global policy level.

Several resolutions adopted at the Fourth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA4), request UNEP to deliver specific studies, knowledge and support to member states related to life cycle approaches at different levels. In response to these requests, the Life Cycle Initiative has advanced significantly on providing policy support through the development of tools and training modules to mainstream life-cycle thinking and facilitate evidence-based decision making in governments and businesses. 2019 was also the midterm point for the strategy 2017-2022 and we can celebrate significant successes on our three main programme areas as we pass this milestone: Technical and policy advice, Capacity development, and Knowledge.