The Life Cycle Initiative is poised to launch 2 new publications in October 2016.

The first publication has already been launched in Kyoto, Japan on 4 October at the Ecobalance 2016 conference.

Based on an introduction setting the scene for life cycle approaches from an international perspective and a global survey answered in average by more than 10% of the more than 2,500 members of the mailing list of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative, this report describes the opportunities for national life cycle networks creation and expansion around the world.

A special focus is given on analysing the status of mainstreaming life cycle approaches, comprising especially also Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) database development, in G20 plus Switzerland and a few selected emerging economies.

The report concludes that mainstreaming is on-going and that having a life cycle network of certain maturity goes hand in hand with the development of a LCA database. A strong correlation is observed between having a national life cycle network with a legal entity and the probability of creating a LCA database; the survey also shows that a lot of countries have plans to develop a LCA database, while those who lack a networks also don’t have plans to develop a LCA database. Using the results of the study, concrete recommendations are provided, including guiding principles for LCA network creation and next steps for LCA database development around the world.