Project Title: National Guidance for Marine Plastic Hotspotting and Shaping Actions

Co-Implementing Partners: EA – Shaping Environmental Action, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Quantis, Plastic Soup Foundation

Co-Funding Partners: UNEP, Norwegian Government, and the funding partners of the Life Cycle Initiative.

Project Summary:

The Life Cycle Initiative launched this project to develop guidance and a methodological framework to facilitate a process of prioritizing solutions for marine plastic pollution. The guidance will help countries to:

  1. Identify key hotspots towards the most relevant plastic polymers, products, and pathways leaking into the marine environment, as well as associated impacts.
  2. Prioritize key areas of intervention relevant for the country, with key stakeholders along the plastic value chain.

The outputs of this project will enable governments and consultants to estimate the relative importance of various hotspots of leakage relevant to their country, and to prioritize key areas of intervention, facilitated through easy to use guidance/workflow and data.

Project factsheet: coming soon.

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