Project Title: Life Cycle Thinking E-Learning Modules

Co-Implementing Partners: Life Cycle Initiative, Culturambiente, The Green House Thinkspace

Co-Funding Partners: European Commission, and the funding partners of the Life Cycle Initiative

Project Summary:

The Life Cycle Initiative has produced several e-learning modules that address life cycle thinking and approaches from different perspectives and in various levels of depth. All E-Learning products are free and draw on materials from the Life Cycle Initiative. The first module is aims to give all participants an overview of life cycle approaches while developing understanding as to how to assess the impacts of any given sustainability issue considering all its life cycle stages. The module is also a guide to which kind of LCT tools are to be used to which purpose.

1) Introduction to Life Cycle Thinking:

The first module “Introduction to Life Cycle Thinking” is made up of four parts: an overarching introduction to life cycle thinking (1), and its applications in public policies (2), businesses (3) and by consumers (4) respectively. Available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

2) LCT in Business Decision-making:

Businesses are increasingly under pressure to implement sustainable production practices and produce products with minimal impact on the environment. But where to start? Available in English and Spanish.

3) LCT in Policy Decision-making:

Policy decisions today can have far-reaching consequences into the future. Life Cycle Thinking can help policy-makers to understand the impacts of interacting systems and design more informed policies and regulations. Available in English and Spanish.

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