Life Cycle Management – Capability Maturity Model (LCM-CMM) Training Material

Life Cycle Management – Capability Maturity Model (LCM-CMM) Training Material

The aim of the LCM-CMM is to focus on capability development and implementation to fully operationalize and mainstream Life Cycle Assessment in product development, marketing, and strategic decision-making in business. From a practical point of view, this approach aims at continuously raising the organisational maturity of an entity and its suppliers in order to make value chains more sustainable. To make that happen, the capability framework divides sustainability concepts into smaller elements, with specific objectives tailored to the current state of knowledge and practice of the organization.

The LCM-CMM material consists of two components which are the LCM-CMM guidance document (workbook) and the training slides and accompanying worksheets for in-class exercises. The function of the training slides is to provide participants with a basic understanding of the elements of the LCM-CMM, guidance and worksheets to help them accomplish the following tasks at their own company or organization:

  • Conduct a maturity assessment to identify key organizational development needs;
  • Scan their company’s competitive context to identify key near term performance targets;
  • Synthesize these two views to develop list of potential improvement projects;
  • Use action-learning events to incrementally build a comprehensive life cycle management system.

This material has been checked through a thorough validation process. It has been used to conduct workshops and pilot projects, and the comments of the participants were fully addressed. The whole validation process has been verified and approved by independent reviewers.

The LCM-CMM Workbook and the training slides are available for download below.

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