Life Cycle Initiative Progress Report 2023

Life Cycle Initiative Progress Report 2023

The Life Cycle Initiative continued mainstreaming life-cycle approaches and strengthening its practice in high impact sectors. Significant milestones were achieved during 2023 for ongoing initiatives. GLAD hit the 100,000 LCA datasets connected milestone, concluded the publication of the Guidance on GLAD’s Metadata Descriptors, and implemented improvement of the Lavoisier conversion tool. Sustainable consumption and production and circular economy were mentioned in the stocktake report at COP28, during which the integration of SCP-HAT in the “Building Circularity into NDCs Toolbox” was announced as a way to unlock the power of data in the problem assessment phase. This aims to assist countries in enhancing their Nationally Determined Contributions through circular economy initiatives. GLAM hosted 11 virtual and one in-person consensus workshops to refine its technical and testing paper, approaching the launch of the consensus based GLAM Method.

2023 also marked the launch of new initiatives, such as the Biogenic Carbon Project to develop harmonised technical guidance to consider biogenic carbon in LCA and the kickstart of a LCA Network Community of Practice leading to launch of MENA LCA Network. These achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the steadfast support of our Funding Partners and the Steering Committee. We acknowledge their collaboration and efforts and look forward to an exciting 2024, marked by increased integration of life-cycle approaches into sustainable development solutions.

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