Carbon Footprint Training

Carbon Footprint Training

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Published: 2016  (with the support of the European Commission)

Slides for ‘train the trainers’.

  • The materials include information on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the British PAS 2050 standard and the ISO Technical Specification TS 14067. In addition to the methodological aspects, instruments (energy efficiency, electricity demand management) which can be used to reduce the carbon footprint of products and organisations are also presented.
  • The focus of this material is on using carbon footprint to understand and improve business performance, rather than on labelling or product declarations.
  • The target audience ranges from people with no carbon footprint or LCA experience, to those who want to use carbon footprinting to improve business performance. This package could be used as a training package or could be used as an offline training resource.
  • This material has been checked through a thorough validation process. It has been used to conduct workshops and the comments of the participants and independent reviewers were fully addressed.
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