We’re Seeking Your Feedback!

Phase 1 of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative’s Flagship Project 3a – Hotspots Analysis is making good progress. Since the survey that was launched in June, the results have been reviewed and analyzed, with further support from desktop research and interviews with key hotspots analysis methodologies developers and users. The outcome of this work has been summarized in a draft report and issued to UNEP for review and comment in early August. This draft has now been finalized and is published as a UNEP/SETAC publication for worldwide dissemination and review.

This first phase of Flagship Project 3a, is aiming to produce a common methodological framework and global guidance for sustainability hotspots analysis; a protocol for the appropriate use and communication of sustainability information derived from hotspots analysis; and to evaluate and, if possible, implement a range of options to bring together the findings from existing hotspots studies to provide a richer, global picture of sustainability hotspots in the economy and society.

In addition, the provision of access to best practice approaches to hotspots analysis; and the availability of comparable, consistent, credible, and comprehensive information about the sustainability performance of sectors, products’ and companies will enable and support positive change in the global marketplace.

The UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative is very appreciative of the time and expertise of all who have participated in the survey and have contributed to this report and look forward to hearing views on the report at this stage.

Comment period: The comment period ends 17th November 2014 (closes at 5pm UK time)
Copy of draft report: PDF download Note: Please use Adobe Acrobat for viewing, not your web browser.
How to comment: To optimize the efficiency of soliciting, collating and addressing comments, we are utilizing the Survey Monkey tool for this process. Please visit Survey Monkey to take part.

Thank you in advance for your time to provide feedback.