Did you miss the Stakeholder consultation on the on the Creation of a Global Life Cycle Impact Assessment Method? Check it on-line!

Below, you can consult the recording of the stakeholder consultation for this project that took place on 7th May online, with the participation of close to 200 people from around the world. 117 participants are already involved in the project, including 32% female and an encouraging 13% participants from Asia, Africa or Latin America and the Caribbean.

After the success of Global Guidance for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators and Methods (GLAM) phases 1 and 2, we are pleased to move to phase 3 of the GLAM project

This third phase will be one more step towards our goal of building consensus around life cycle knowledge, thus facilitating application and use of life cycle assessment by governments, industry and NGOs.

Together, we will focus on identifying scientifically robust and applicable methods and agreeing on the findings and conclusions regarding life cycle impacts of products on human health, ecosystem and natural resources or ecosystem services a eventually on a method to consistently combine these environmental impacts into an aggregated score.