World Resources Forum 2014: Innovation, Resource Efficiency & Low Carbon • 19-22 October 2014 • Arequipa, Peru

This year’s World Resources Forum (WRF) will be held for the very first time in a Latin American country. The important initiative will travel to Peru and will add Latin American perspectives to its global focus. The WRF is an international expert platform with the main objective of creating bridges between scientists, researchers and consultants (supply side) and policymakers, businesses, NGO’s, media and the public (demand side) to discuss the economic and political implications of the current resource use trends, and to promote and facilitate innovation for resource productivity. The coming conference will focus on the following clusters:
• Decoupling economic growth and natural resources use
• Innovative resource efficiency
• Policies and stakeholders participation
• Low carbon industries and cities
• Measuring progress – Targets and indicators for resource efficiency

One of the major discussions involves approaches related to assessment methods, where the application of life cycle assessment, ecological footprint and carbon footprint, amongst others play a decisive role. For more information about the conference visit the WRF website or download the First announcement.