LCA for Organizations Consultation (O-LCA) Workshop • Tokyo, Japan • 21 November 2014

The ‘LCA for Organizations Consultation (O-LCA) Workshop’ was held in Tokyo on 21 Nov 2013 and attended by about 160 participants notably from the Japanese private and public sectors. International speakers from the EC, WRI/WBCSD, ISO, Volkswagen and UNEP joined the meeting. The workshop was followed by a 2-day working meetings with the aim to advance the Guidance Document on O-LCA to be launched right after the publication of the ISO 14072 technical specification by Dec 2014. The events were sponsored by METI and MOE and working meetings participants were the international speakers, METI, AIST, JEMAI, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, NEC, Toshiba, Honda, Shiseido among others. Concerning the next step on the identification of suitable regional cases on O-LCA for consideration in the Guidance document, the Secretariat of the Life Cycle Initiative agreed to support with this activity. A revised version would be available by July 2014 for international consultation.


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Other information: Official workshop web page // Flagship Activity page