Second International Meeting on Life Cycle Assessment: Quality Data Availability for Policy Making

Following the meeting hosted by the European Commission on 11 September 2012 in Brussels, this Second International Meeting on Life Cycle Assessment will encourage a dialogue focused on LCA based policies and on supporting life cycle data. The meeting in Paris aims to bring together representatives from national governments and intergovernmental organizations like the European Commission and UNEP to advance:

(a) The establishment of a systematic international dialogue on LCA based policies,  discussing and deciding on topics and deliverables to work on,
(b) The exploration of concrete mechanisms that would increase the availability of more and better LCA data worldwide and
(c) Concrete activities for awareness raising and capacity building in developing countries in support of LCA based policies.
The meeting has also the purpose to serve as a platform for disseminating knowledge, experience, progress and expanding networking and cooperation in the areas indicated, including with the private sector and the scientific community.